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Why Good Glucos?

Remarkable Accuracy.

With an accuracy rating of 100% +/- 15%, the Good Glucos meter is the most accurate meter available on subscription. Further, unlike many monitors, our meter has hematocrit autocorrection technology, enabling it to autocorrect for variances in blood glucose readings that occur when someone is anemic or dehydrated.

See how our monitor compares to others -- sent in by our users.

Awesome Pricing.

We deliver high-quality diabetic test strips to your door on a monthly subscription basis for $35/100 strips. Your premium glucometer is free, and shipping is on us.

As a T1D founded company, we're here to make living with diabetes a little easier. Our fans love it!

Always Giving.

For every 12 new subscribers, we give away a 12-month subscription to someone in need. We call it 12 for 12. Always Giving has made a positive impact here in North America, and around the world. To learn more about click here.

Pictured to the right is Neil @thebetes, during a major give in partnership with  Beyond Type 1, in Requena, Peru.

What people are saying

"What a difference you guys are making for those of us that continue to battle until a cure is found! And, YES, I have referred you to a friend of mine that is a physician’s assistant here in my area. She reached out to me and asked about you guys after I bragged about your customer service and dedication to those who need supplies at an affordable price! I know she will be sending some patients your way!"

Tiffany Shelton

"Great company with excellent service. Excellent price. Cannot say enough "good words" about Good Glucos! If you are a diabetic or know of someone with diabetes, have him or her check out this product and service. They won't be sorry."

Scott Weatherall

"Good price & Great service. Nothing simpler than having them delivered to my door."

Ruth Vivian

""With the affordability of Good Glucos test strips I can, without guilt, test my blood sugar as often as I need or want to. I love that through their 12 for 12 program, I can help give someone else that same sense of freedom and peace.""

Missy Van Dusen

Read about our full story in the spring issue of Diabetic Living

“Innovative, entrepreneurial, and investor-funded, Good Glucos is a start-up in every sense of the word. It’s customer base is small, and operations are limited to the U.S and Canada. But what it’s doing to build options, optimism and support for customers is huge.”

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No prescription or insurance required.
Free Shipping. 100% Money-Back Guarantee.